The Right Kind of Love

Leading up to and on the day of their wedding the forecast called for rain all day long. It looked like it was going to slow down around 4, but continue to drizzle.

When John and I arrived we drove up to the bride and groom spending time with their family and friends. When I asked if there was a backup plan for the ceremony (because it was supposed to be outside) Sammie said "No, it will all work out."

The day went on and it got closer and closer to the first look everyone remained relaxed, knowing in their hearts that everything would work out, because this is the day that all of their hard work was for, this is the day they would become Mr. and Mrs. Goletic.

When they first saw each other, all they could do was hold one another until I handed them their gifts they had prepared to exchange.

He gave her a gorgeous pair of earrings that she immediately switched with the ones she was wearing and she handed him a box with the watch that he had pointed out in a store months earlier with the engraving "I love you FNA."

We drove to a few nearby locations and from there, there was no direction needed. They looked at each other with such love and amazement that showed that nothing else in the world mattered but them in THIS moment.

We did get rained on just a tad, but mostly the dramatic clouds contrasted the ease of them interacting with each other. They were so comfortable, so natural, so in love.

(Squad goals, see below)

By the time the ceremony came, there was barely a cloud in sight. The sun shined bright to illuminate their love and their unity.

They let us steal them away after the ceremony for a few more photos on the lake at sunset, and the rest of the night was filled with fun, and a positive atmosphere. The whole day into the night was perfect. They are perfect together, they truly have the right kind of love. 

A huge thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Goletic for choosing us to document your day! You both, your friends, and family truly were a blast to work with!

Credits to some of those who made this day possible:

  • Venue: Jump off Joe Lake Resort
  • Flowers: Dawn Green
  • Cupcakes: Alice Korth
  • Dinner: Sammie's uncle and other members of her family
  • The bride and groom's families for all the hard work
  • The bridal party, you guys rocked!