The little things in life

I met Dan and Ally in 2010 when my husband, John, worked with Dan at The Olive Garden in downtown Spokane, Wa. Dan and John have stayed friends through a lot of life changes and I have been able to get to know Ally over the years. I was so excited for them when they told John and I over a game of Monopoly that they were expecting a new addition.

Eevee is a brilliant little human- when she walks in a room, she observes everything before she reacts, it makes it is so exciting and magical when she decides that you're a good person and she opens up that smile right at you.

The way the three of them interact is truly magical. They are undeniably happy. 

The last time Dan and John spent time together he told him about what he referred to as the "one of the best mornings ever" and described Eevee and Ally coming in to wake him up and Eevee scrambling across the bed and gave him the biggest hug and kiss and exclaimed "Daddy!" How he talked about this moment warmed my heart.

It truly is the little things in life.