The life of the bubble makers

The first time I met Cadeon (Cade) was almost exactly one year ago. His mom is my sister’s sister. Yes, I said that right... This little boy is so full of life.

Cade is 5 now, his favorite things are dinosaurs and Star Wars. He LOVES Star Wars, my sister, Breanna (his aunt) told me a story about how one of her friends (Kaycee, the crafting genius) made Cade a Storm Trooper and Darth Vader with light sabers and Cade couldn’t put them down, he still sleeps with them.

Cade is so smart, energetic and very curious. He wants to know everything, he never stops asking questions.

I took these photos almost a year ago on my front porch when he was just sitting there being innocent blowing bubbles. Isn’t he awesome?! He makes me not want to be an adult anymore.