Summer time in the valley

In the past few months I’ve tried looking at Pose For Paige a little bit differently. I’ve always wanted to reach for the stars, but I was never really sure what galaxy to start in. Then I asked Courtney (CC).

She’s helped me focus on different aspects of photography between planning weddings (if you haven’t read the other blogs that feature her, check them out, she’s getting married in two weeks) and making sure I show off the best of my work.

I wanted to have some time practicing photographing with my assistant, Reilly, so I asked CC if she would be up for a photo shoot. She was, so I asked her to wear something summery. 

She rocked it. Even when a car came speeding by and got everything dusty, she kept an air of class about her.

As always, she was charismatic and photogenic. CC’s positivety and energy is contagious, and I feel lucky to be able to photograph her regularly. Unfortunately she’ll be moving to Pennsylvania with her soon-to-be husband after they get married, so...

If anyone else wants to start a “CC can’t move to Philly” petition? Just let me know!