Sandi and Sammie are getting hitched!

I first met Sandi in September 2015, and shortly thereafter discovered that he was engaged to an amazing lady, Sammie. The first time I met her was to chat about their wedding plans at an Applebee’s. She was so excited about so many things about her wedding that she was just exuberant.

The first time I met the two of them together I could tell they were perfect for one another. They made each other laugh at every chance possible, and their laughter was contagious.

Their engagement photo shoot was no different than all our other interactions, we all laughed the entire Saturday afternoon, so much so that my cheeks were aching by the end of the session.

As you can see we didn't get a lot of "serious" photos, because the two of them were, and are so happy when they look at each other. Their laughter shines through into so much that they do, even their kisses are sprinkled with laughter!

They aren't getting married until September, and I am thoroughly excited to be a part of their happiness, and to capture their beautiful day!