Once a Panther, Always a Panther

The first time I met Cory Rose, I was working with his older brother Brandon at McDonald’s. Cory was shadowing our supervisor as part of an assignment at Northwood Middle School.

It has only been 4 years since Cory came to McDonald’s exploring career options but the growth in this young man is inspiring. He is a true example of how much a person can grow in only a short time. Cory doesn’t shy away from a challenge and his lofty goals are proof of that.

Much like his ambitions, Cory’s interests are vast and diverse. He can kick a soccer ball around like no other and some would even say he could be the next Cristiano Ronaldo. When he isn’t on the field, Cory can be found driving around in his jeep or off on escapades with his brother.

In an attempt to capture Cory’s versatility, we did two separate shoots for his senior photos. We started at Mead High School to show some much deserved school pride. Once a panther, always a panther. We were able to get some great photos for the yearbook with time to spare. We even got a few shots of Cory with the family dog Mila. Can you believe she isn’t even a year yet? She is huge!

For the second shoot we went to Mirabeau Park and the surrounding areas.

Cory’s mother, Kari, accompanied him on both shoots. We had a blast, she makes me laugh like crazy! On the second part of his photo shoot, Kari used the reflector. Can you say “professional assistant?” She's hired!

During Cory’s sessions, I realized just how much I enjoy working with him. He had no qualms about trying some new and different things. I truly love that he is always willing to be a little adventurous. That exploratory nature will serve him well in his next adventure, I cannot wait to see where life takes him.