Kickin' cancer's booty!

I've known parts of John's family for a few years now, but had yet to meet him or his wife, Dee. About a month ago John's granddaughter, Reilly (my assistant), asked me to be a part of this magnificent moment in their lives, Dee was surprising John with a party full of family and love because he is- CANCER FREE FOR 10 YEARS!!

John was told years ago that he had months to live due to pancreatic cancer, now here he is- celebrating 10 YEARS (almost to the day) of being cancer free!!! What an amazing way to celebrate a miracle by spending this time with his supportive and loving family.

Seeing how happy they are together and how thankful they truly are for every day they get keeps reminding me to cherish every moment with the people you love.

It's times like these that remind me why I chose to be a photographer, I feel extremely lucky that I got to be there and capture their celebration.

They are truly an extraordinary and loving family.

Congratulations, John on being 10 years free of cancer! Here's to many more!!!