From Spokane to Philidelphia

In honor of Major League Baseball's opening week coming up I wanted to give a huge shout out to the newest addition to the Philadelphia Phillies, David Yearout and his fiance Courtney Biel. The first of their engagement photo shoots was on The Spokane Indians baseball field as this is where the couple first met.

They both worked at The Indians Stadium when they met and started dating a few months later. Of course we wanted to incorporate the place where their love started in their engagement photos.

Courtney (CC) told me about her and one of her best friends, Bekah, shopping for something to wear for CC and David's first date and CC saying "Bekah, what if this is my last first date?" And it was!

If you happen to have kept up with the I Do Podcast, you know that David is currently in Philadelphia working for the Phillies until right before his and Courtney's wedding. Let's all wish David an amazing first season working for the MLB! Congratulations David!

We also did summer photos at Arbor Crest Winery, but that's for a later blog :)

(Have I mentioned how excited I am for their wedding?!)