Chaps Diner and Bakery

Growing up my mom always said that if I drank coffee I should learn to like it black so I’m not a pain, sorry mom, I’m 28 and still like caramel lattes more than anything.

My sister Chloe and I have bonded over the last few years, talking over coffee and pastries in Seattle–the coffee capital of the U.S. She always tells me that she can’t move to Spokane because there aren’t enough bakeries and coffee shops here.

One fine early spring evening, Reilly and I were sitting and working on a variety of Pose For Paige upcoming events and a thought popped in my head, “We should meet at local coffee shops and bakeries to show my sister what she’s missing!” So, here we are (joined by a wonderful Courtney Biel), enjoying pastries, breakfast and coffee at Chaps Diner and Bakery. 

When I first moved to Spokane and was in college, Chaps was the first place that my photography friends and I went to relax and eat and drink coffee between classes and various projects. Ever since then it has been my go-to place to relax and be able to focus and get things done. The atmosphere is both fun and casual at the same time. Every time I go into Chaps there is something new to see, and it’s always beautiful, not to mention that I have never enjoyed so many different food items at one place. 

If you haven’t been there, you should definitely check it out, and try the biscuits and gravy, they are the best I have ever had!

And, if you're lucky enough, you'll have great company to join you like I did. Thank you to Courtney and Reilly for joining me for breakfast, I couldn't have gotten through the last few months without all of your amazing efforts, inspiration and ideas!