If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I would be picking roses for a lifetime

When I was first asked to photograph Steve and Jill's wedding I was told it was going to be very laid back. BUT- a lot of people say that, they say that the bride is "relaxed" and the groom is "super chill," but I'm always prepared for the opposite, just in case ;). Steve and Jill truly were easy going. The only thing they desired was to be married to each other, to be officially family. They made the day so easy on everyone involved, trusted the people in their lives, and it truly paid off.

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Throughout the day I could see how much their family loves them and was thrilled for them to be joined.

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How else should you spend a beautiful spring Saturday but laughing and having fun with family?!

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These two brought out the happy in themselves and everyone around them.

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(If this isn't what happiness looks like, I don't know what does.)

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Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Rose for allowing me to be a part of the best day of your lives!