Kyle & Steph

After months of planning the big day was almost here, Steph and Kyle were about to become "The Cartwright's"...

I asked Steph a few days before if she needed anything, and her response was, "At this point, prayer and a sun dance would be fantastic!" On the day of her wedding Steph was getting ready and saw the rain start to pour outside, but it was okay because she had been waiting her whole life to marry this man.

They trooped on, and their friends and family helped get everything together once the rain stopped. 

As soon as they saw each other I knew that nothing would stop them uniting on this mid- June day. They were meant to be.

They both looked incredible, so happy to be together, no matter the weather, or anything else that was going on. That’s what love is. 

The day was full of laughter, fun, sweet moments, and lots of love. Their officiant was great, he shared personal stories about how they met, and how Kyle completely went out of his comfort zone for his bride-to-be, with stories of the future, having a family, and the joy of it all.

No wedding day is perfect, but when their love is, nothing else matters.

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright!