Will you be my forever?

The first time I met Trevor was when he helped arrange the proposal for one of his good friends ("She Said Yes!" blog), after this we crossed paths a few times over the next couple months. This led to him messaging me and asking me if I would photograph HIS proposal, I was thrilled!

It was in late December when he first reached out to me, and we met in January over coffee to discuss the details. I was touched by the trust, respect and compassion he described when he spoke of Shelbie. I could see he was genuinely in love with her. Trevor’s positivity and excitement towards asking her to spend her life with him was ever present.

Trevor expressed to me that he knew in his heart that Shelbie would say “yes,” but he was still incredibly nervous. We touched base a few times over the next month or so about different details and to scout out the location (he was much more prepared than most). Every time we spoke he would tell me how he had included friends and family from afar, and how he knew it would be important to he and Shelbie that loved ones were there to support the next step in their lives.

The day was finally here, we met Trevor at 2:30 on location. The nervousness and excitement grew with the anticipation of Shelbie’s arrival.

His face lit up when he saw her walking down the stairs, you could see his nerves evaporate. Something about seeing her in that moment made all of his worries seem silly, he was going to marry this beautiful woman.

They both looked at each other as she walked towards him. Both of them with ear- to- ear smiles. As Shelbie walked past me I asked her for her purse, she handed it to me and instantly ran into Trevor’s arms. They held each other for a moment, kissed, and then he got on one knee.

Here it is… The moment of truth- what will she say?!

Of course, she said “YES!”

They hugged and kissed as their families cheered from the two platforms above. We started to make our way to greet the family and friends that awaited with excitement and emotion, stopping along the way for a few romantic shots.

After they spent a few minutes greeting and hugging some of their favorite people I stole them away for a few more “just them” shots. I couldn’t get over how comfortable they were together and how their love showed vividly when they looked at each other. It is the kind of love that you just know will last forever.

Congratulations Trevor and Shelbie! It means a lot to me that you chose me to be included in this happy time!