5 years ago today, a wonderful love started to bloom

There are so many different types of love in life. When you think of the word "LOVE" what do you think of?

Love is such a beautiful thing in all forms.

Some people think of their parents, children, best friend, pet, but if you're lucky enough you will find the love you will spend your life with. On January 31, 2011 Michael and Rebecca Smith found their love, their best friends, their forever.

To some people 5 years with one person doesn't seem like that long, but stop and think about where you were 5 years ago... Are you where you thought you would be? Are you dating the same person that you were then? Are you at the same job? Living in the same house? What has changed? In 5 years Mike and Becca's lives flipped.

As anyone that knows me knows- Becca is my best friend, therefor I get her side of their relationship most often... She tells me all the sweet things that Mike does for her but my favorite thing about them is their mutual love and respect they share for each other. (Also, look how he proposed, did you know that you can change Google to say things?! How awesome!)

(photo credit, Rebecca Smith)

(photo credit, Rebecca Smith)

Every time I photograph them the way he looks at her makes my heart melt. Watching them goof around together, kiss, and just be around each other shows me every single time that their love is ever lasting.

I asked them both to tell me the first three words that popped into their heads about each other, their answers were perfect-

Mike- "She is Encouraging, Beautiful and Helpful." He then reminisced about a time that they were dating, "I rolled my Blazer and she took me to the casino instead of to the hospital."

Becca is often telling me about fun/ funny things that Mike does. I often refer to him as "The King of Dad Jokes." Her words for him were- "Goofy, Sincere, and Loyal." She talked about one of the funny stories of the two of them when they went to Las Vegas- "We went to the Coca Cola place, we got all the flavor samplers in floats and I'm pretty sure that Mike ate them all."

5 years ago today these two decided to be together. The rest is history...