Each day, I Fall for you

You may remember my friends, Courtney and David from the "She Said Yes" blog post. I'm lucky to be with these two from the proposal to the wedding day next summer capturing moments everywhere in-between. After their engagement in June, Courtney and I were talking about photos and how we wanted to do them during the engagement. I have a rare opportunity as a photographer to be there from the minute of the proposal until the wedding day, and because of this I wanted to do something different with their shoot than I have in the past. So in a different way than David did, I proposed my idea to Courtney and asked that we break her engagement shoot into four different ones. One for each season of the year. 

She was instantly as excited as I was and planning began. This year has gone by faster for me than anyone could have imagined, but now as I sit here looking out my window at snow falling, it's hard to believe it was just a few weeks ago we took the fall photos. 

When people think of the fall here in Spokane, WA, one place comes to mind for almost everyone- Greenbluff. Greenbluff is a group of farms that put on the most festive fall scene imaginable. Pumpkin patches take over the fields, and apple cider aroma fills the air each way you turn. We knew as we passed the first farms that we picked the perfect spot for these two. 

As we walked around the fields looking for the best places to shoot, we talked about the story of them and how they came to be. You couldn't wipe the smile off Courtney's face as she reminisced about some of her all-time favorite memories. She told me the story of not much more than a year ago when they were in New York for the beginning of fall for a special occasion— Derek Jeter's last baseball game; something that also brought a smile to David's face, and the timing of it all allowing the two of them to be together in Time's Square as Courtney turned 21 years old. 

Courtney talked about how when they travel places, they like to act like the locals. She brought up taking subways everywhere, and trying to fit in by not doing "tourist activities," but the whole time she is talking all I can picture is her walking around the big city with her phone out trying to take the perfect picture of each new scene. (Courtney's love for photography is often a topic that we enjoy discussing.)

These two lit up as they talked about their time together in New York City. As she described, "People started asking us questions about how to get places and where to go... Yes! We look like we belong!" Honestly, Courtney and David are so comfortable together that they could fit in anywhere.

I am thrilled that Courtney and David have chosen me to be a part of the next year of their lives. Make sure to stay tuned for their next 3 engagement sessions and their wedding on the blog.