A little fun in the snow with Courtney and David

When Courtney and I talked about her and David’s winter photo shoot we discussed a lot of different ideas, one of which was to create fake snow because there was no way we would be able to get real snow. Oh boy was I wrong…

I kept watching the weather and sunset times, I wanted to start at Green Bluff and have the sun set downtown, I was determined to have the perfect plan. As the day got closer my husband and I made fake snow, made sure we had things to bundle up in, extra things for CC and David to bundle in just in case it didn’t go well and had all of our equipment and props all set up and ready to load up. I double checked the weather the night before and it was a 90% chance of snow when we were starting photos, yay! Maybe there would be REAL snow falling (as long as it wasn't too heavy of course).

My husband and I went up to Green Bluff early to scout things out and make sure we had picked the right tree farm to photograph. On the way there snow started pouring down, I was hoping it would stay for a little longer but go away so hopefully my bride and groom- to- be would be able to stay dry. The snow kept coming down. They arrived and it looked perfect outside but  not so perfect for camera equipment and hair purposes.

We rushed to do some quick poses but because of the damp nature of snow between every position we were rushing to cover up Courtney's hair and to keep my camera dry.

I could not ask for a more perfect couple for this situation, they were so cuddly and perfect with each other. Every time I spend time with Courtney and David they prove to me time and time again how much they love each other. When I say things like "CC, lean your whole body into David," she just sinks into him as if she trusts him with her whole heart.

We hustled and got some fun shots while the snow continued to come down then we ran to our cars to head to the road where we did fall photos (because wouldn’t it be cool to have photos from every season in the same beautiful location?).

We drove to the next location, took a few shots then zoomed downtown (yes, it was still snowing).  

I wanted to get some photos of them in front of Riverpark Square but due to it not being dark enough for the Christmas lights on the trees to be on we needed to change plans a bit. Courtney and David got engaged at the Historic Davenport Hotel (as you know, because you surely read the “She Said Yes” blog), so we decided to head there and finish up their session.

It is always so gorgeous in the Davenport and it was nice for everyone to stay warm. It was amazing to be able to be back where it all began with these two. We got some fun shots with the two of them in the hotel in front of the beautiful lights and around the balcony of the hotel.

Another successful engagement shoot with CC and David! Thank you so much you two for being so flexible and rolling with the weather obstacles, you two are amazing people and I am very thankful that I got to be a part of this with you. Also, thank you to my husband for being such an attentive and cooperative assistant!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!