No one likes talking about themselves, am I right?! Here’s my bullet points-

  • I have loved photography since I was about 6 years old, one of my favorite teachers (Mr. Porter) was willing to teach me at WF West High School in Chehalis, WA where he shared an office with my mom.

  • I have worked for a few photographers part time and ended up working for Alison Clinton at Horizon Photo & Design (one of the best decisions EVER!).

  • In 2010 Alison inspired me to get a higher education and pursue photography on another level, so I moved to Spokane to attend Spokane Falls Community College (great profs, I would recommend them without a doubt).

  • I still live in Spokane and feel spoiled by the huge variety we have to offer and the amazing people I have been able to partner with.

Without the support of Alison, my husband and incredible family and friends I would not be able to do what I do today.

Feel free to contact me at poseforpaige@gmail.com with any questions.



P.S. I love honey bees!

Paige In Tulips-BR.jpg